Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bada Bings

Actually, this post is about butter beans. *See below for an explanation of the title.

So, back to lunch.

I'm trying to tick so many boxes with each meal now:
  • Protein, good fats, carbs and non-nuked vegetables must be present
  • Not too much salt
  • Not too much processed stuff or E numbers
  • Chris and I must be able to eat it for our dinner too
  • Mae will actually be able to eat it (as in, pick it up, hold it, chew it and not choke on it) and as a bonus, enjoy it
  • It will not take more than 20 mins to cook
and I've just added another one:
  • Must be good for my waistline, yet filling enough to mean I will not be forced into eating yet another Mint Slice mid-afternoon
So today, I whiz up an onion and fry it in some olive oil, added some garlic, a can of tomatoes, some parsley and some cumin and stir in a can of butter beans. I serve it on toast, with a side of avocado. This is for both of us:

One of the slices of toast I cut into fingers so I have three offerings for her tray: individual beans, tomato on toast and avocado. I love to play the guessing game as to what she'll go for first. Today, it it's the toast, but after she's tried a butter bean, she keeps going back for more beans.

It occurs to me as she chews and swallows the beans how far we have come in a few short months - I would have seen a bean as a choking hazard for sure even probably six weeks ago, but she ate them like a normal person today and I didn't need to poise myself for the heimlick maneuver once!

The beans don't keep the wolf from the door for me till dinner though. As I've already thrown the Mint Slices in the bin in an angry fit, my rumbling stomach has to make do with dry bread and jam.

* The title refers to an unfortunate mishearing on my part BC (before children). I used to be part of a pub quiz team, members of which were mad on the Sopranos. I had not seen the Sopranos at the time, so when they put our team forward as "The Bada Bings", I heard "The Butter Beans" in an Australian accent. For months on end I went along with this lame name, mainly because I do quite like a butter bean. On finally seeing the Sopranos, my mistake dawned upon me. However this fictional, yet legendary, strip club will forever be interchangeable with the humble legume in my mind.


  1. HI there again!

    Just a question....did Mae have any intolerances when it came to you eating onions and legumes and your breastmilk? My baby reacts when I eat onions and legumes (which is a pain because I am also veg). Just curious.

    I am going to start my baby with some finger foods this weekend. Your blog is excellent guidance!


  2. Hi Pip, I'm not sure if she had any intolerances, it's certainly possible as she definitely struggled with wind and reflux up until 4 or 5 months, but I was never able to establish cause and effect with anything specific I ate. I know that their stomachs mature between 17 & 24 weeks so what may have irritated at 4 months may not at 6. I suppose you'll start with more bland things anyway, then after a few weeks or longer might try small amounts of things you're a bit more concerned about.

    Good luck with starting solids, let me know how you went! And don't lose heart if your baby seems to take forever to actually eat and it all slips out of the hand. Remaining strong and persistent and patient and knowing they get all they need from milk until age 1 should really help you. It's hard in the first few weeks but the rewards soon start to show. Good luck!