Why is it so good?

  • It allows your baby to control what goes into his/her mouth. Chris and I want Mae to be an independent person who makes her own choices confidently as she grows older. So whilst I know we’re only talking about food here, I figure start as you mean to continue – in short, it seems to reflect our parenting philosophy best.
  • She will develop hand-eye coordination much quicker, and become more dextrous. In fact at 7 months she already has a pincer grip – she’ll be on the petit pois in no time!
  • She will rapidly develop use of her tongue and jaw which will help her speech develop
  • We will avoid the “I hate lumps” challenge that so many parents find around the 9-12 month mark
  • It’s a time-saver! It means I can eat while Mae eats rather than spending half an hour trying to wield a spoon into her mouth, or write a shopping list or make a phone call – as long as I can watch her too, I can also get something else done
  • Soon we will all sit down and eat the same food together. This will make her feel included and valued and part of the family
  • She is less likely to be a fussy eater when she is older. Having had control of what she eats and how much from day one, all the evidence points towards babies being less likely to reject food and use them as a point of control or battle
  • She loves it! So far I haven’t had her reject anything and will attack everything I put in front of her with gusto.