DOs and DON'TS

Top tips from the first month

  • DO imagine a fat hot chip or potato wedge when deciding how big to cut things – they need to be able to hold it in their little fists with enough poking out the top to munch on

  • DO Leave the skin on the bit that they will hold in their hand to reduce slipperyness! I try not to let Mae eat the skin on some things (eg pear) as it seems to get stuck in her cheeks and irritate her a bit
  • DO steam until really soft – at least 15 mins, longer for carrots. If in doubt, steam it some more!
  • DO steam a few things up at once - this lot will last over 3 meals probably, along with some carbs and protein at each meal too

  • DO allow to cool on some paper towel. This also soaks up any moisture making it less slippery
  • DO try roasting vegies for a change - this dries them out a bit and forms a thin skin that makes it easier to hold
  • DO get a bib with sleeves - you’ll be glad you did! The mess caused by baby-led weaning is not for the faint-hearted - we forgot the bib here and that was the end of that top!

  • DON’T worry about three meals a day at first, just once or twice is fine I think whilst you are all getting the hang of it, they are still getting all their nutrients from milk anyway, it’s really just about flavours and textures and play at first
  • DON’T give too much - they get tired really quickly so just give them one or two items at any meal at first and 5 or 10 mins might be the maximum before they tire
  • DON’T worry if they don’t really eat anything for a while and it all comes out the front instead of going down the hatch. Some babies don't chew and swallow anything for weeks (and even now, 6 weeks in, at least half of it still comes out the front)
  • DON’T worry as much as I did much choking - easier said than done I know – see my thoughts on choking to help allay your fears