Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tuna tempter?

Looks like I should have named the last post "ear we don't go" as our flight to England has had to be postponed because of poor Mae's ear infection! So rather than sitting on a plane today working out inventive ways of getting the pureed baby plane food into Mae, I was left to work out inventive ways of finding a meal I could possibly give her from our pitifully bare cupboards. "How does Mild Indian Curry Tuna Tempter in a toasted sanger with cheese sound Mae?" "Delicious, Mum". Good, cos there's nothing else.

The tuna looks hideously oily so I put it in the sieve and rinse it, pat it dry, then toast it with the last of the tasty cheddar. I cut a big finger out the middle and eat the rest myself while Mae naps. Actually, it is quite delicious!

And she loves it! Her nap was particularly long today so it's been at least 3hrs since her last breastfeed when I give her lunch so I think she is quite hungry.

She actually eats the entire thing. There was literally nothing left down her front or down her pants afterwards. I also gave her the last of the broccoli to make sure gets some vitamins, and there was definitely some of that down her front. I can only conclude that Tuna Tempters have usurped broccoli as her favourite food!

  • I think it's OK to give processed food every now and again
  • She really loves toasties - if I can get some vegies in there next time, we have a winner!

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