Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More peas please

Yesterday we had one of the stalwarts on the Hotham-Welford weekly meal rotation - penne pasta with chilli salmon, peas, mint and ricotta. All you do is boil up your pasta with some peas (same pan), drain, then stir in 500g ricotta, a bunch of chopped mint and one of those shrink-wrapped chilli salmon fillets (chopped) that you find next to the smoked salmon in the supermarket. So easy and delicious, with all the food groups represented:

Might I say, success! Like, kicking of the feet, mmm mmm noises as she munched and a panicky cry for more before she'd even swallowed her mouthful, success. The only other thing that currently meets with the same enthusiasm is oranges. And the bath flannel.

After a few bits of pasta though, I could see the peas were not surviving the journey from tray to mouth, and she had obviously forgotten about her pincer-grip, leaving the peas to collect in her pelican.

Concerned that they were the only representatives from the vitamin family in this meal, I began to make mini-canellonis with the penne, stuffing each with peas before I put it on her tray. It seemed to work, and about twenty penne pieces later, I was satisfied she had eaten more than forty peas too. How many peas make a serve of vegies for a baby? I've no idea but surely this is adequate.

We had loads left over, so I repeated the whole process for lunch today and it went down equally well second time around. Although I'm not sure I've got the energy for mini-cannelloni-pea type missions for at least a week so Chris will be pleased to hear this one is off the meal rotation until my pasta-stuffing RSI has recovered.

How many vegies would your baby typically have in a day?


  1. Never mind the veggies...I'm impressed by the pasta consumption! Lola had four penne last night and I was pleased! Mae seems to be loving her food... hurrah!
    Lola's will-eat vegetable list is fairly limited, I fear (maybe I should try some of your enticing recipes!)...but I reckon she manages 3 a day (even if they generally are the same three: tomato, cucumber, peas with the occasional foray into broccoli or green beans or sweetcorn!).
    I was told a baby-sized handful counts as a baby-sized portion... so 40 peas is surely more than a portion!! Nice work pasta-stuffer!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I linked to you on my blog-- so funny your baby is Mae too (well, that's a pseudonym for my girl, but still!). I'll enjoy reading your adventures!