Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turnip for the books

Actually, it wasn't a turnip it was a parsnip, same family but a bit posher and less opportunity for puns. And the only thing she turned up was her nose.

I chop up the whole parsnip into chip-shaped chunks (first error - do not try and disguise one food as another - my Mum did that once when she told me fish was chicken when I was four and I've never forgotten it) and steam it (second error - parsnip should always be roasted but our oven is on the blink so poor Mae is having the healthy option every time at the moment). I grill up some tender spring lamb (poor little lambies) and get the broccoflower on the boil thinking a lovely serve of meat and two veg would be just what the lady wants. Wrong:

She picks up the parsnip with enthusiasm, no doubt thinking it's a chip, but one taste of its squishy, pasty flesh she flings it back down on the tray with a shudder of disgust. I often find that if things start off badly, they can continue into meltdown no matter what is offered, so I act quickly and whip out the reserve option - last night's mushroom risotto.

I hadn't given it first because it's somewhat lacking in vitamins and very high in salt, but keen to make sure she eats a proper dinner, I fashion some mini arancini balls that she cannot refuse. Sure enough, she devours one after the other, ignoring poor lamby and the broccoflower until she must be totally stuffed. I marvel at her ability to whack back the carbs - like mother, like daughter; her stomach knows no bounds. She does in the end force down some broccoflower too, so I feel an almost balanced meal has been had.

It occurs to me that if a meal doesn't appeal to me, then why should it appeal to her? I think I might have to stop worrying so much about salt, I mean it's not like I'm giving her KFC, and I wouldn't fancy a bit of steamed parsnip for my dinner. Plus I really think she knows what her body needs and if it's carbs today, that is totally fine with me (as discussed, carbs are always fine with me!)

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  1. I so agree on the not giving them stuff you wouldn't want! I tried steamed parsnip on Lola once too and the response was similar. Babies ain't stupid- steamed parsnip is rank.