Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cauliflower cheese

I've decided it's time to start aiming for the sky and thinking of meals that we can all share as a family. Which means we might have to compromise on salt intake and eat more vegies but I think it's doable - we'll benefit and be more healthy too! So today it's cauliflower cheese. But I think I'm getting muddled up between cauliflower cheese (side dish) and macaroni cheese (full meal) because Chris looks a little disappointed as I serve him this as his entire dinner. Half way through, I admit defeat too - my cauliflower quota for the year is filled.

Mae, however, digs in. I made the cheese sauce from scratch and added pepper and mustard but not salt, and it goes down a treat. She "eats" 3 florets (again, hard to see how much she's actually eaten as most of it is collected in her crotch at the end) but she has plenty in her mouth and is making chewing actions and I definitely see her swallow something.

  • Cauliflower as a vegetable goes down well; cheese sauce also works and should be repeated in other forms
  • Cauliflower cheese is not a main meal for adults

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