Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chip shaped chop

I don't eat meat myself but I'm so keen to make sure Mae gets a totally balanced diet and doesn't turn into an orangutan like Sam Neil would have us believe, that we've decided to give her free range, organic meat for now. Until she's eating things like falafel, dahl and chilli bean soup I'm going to struggle to get enough iron and protein into her if she is is totally vego. So, not messing about, we go straight for the lamb chop/cutlet thing.

She sucks and sucks on it with such relish that I wonder if she's really my daughter! She tries the other end but the bone is pretty tough and sharp so she quickly learns which was is up. She pulls it with her gums and eventually the medallion bit comes off and is totally in her mouth. It's the size of a 50c coin and surely way too big to choke on so I let her just do it. Eventually a grey bit of meat is ejected from her mouth, totally drained of goodness. Wow - that has got to be a good iron intake!

  • Grill it thoroughly both sides
  • Let it cool really well
  • Pull off any gristly bits
  • Pull off any other bits that looks like they might easily fall off and choke her
  • Hand it to her so that she holds the handle

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